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Very Fancy Crumbles
Very Fancy Crumbles

Very Fancy Crumbles

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Once our Luscious Temptations brittles are cut, they leave behind a wealth of delicious crumbs, which can be used in your favorite cookie or cake recipe, thrown onto some ice cream, or let's face it, eaten straight out of the package.  Our Very Fancy Crumbles are available on a limited basis.  They correspond with the brittle varieties, so in the "want to include a card?" section at checkout, feel free to specify the variety you want.  If we don't have that variety, let us choose one for you!  They're all delicious!

Quick note:  The crumble pieces may clump together.  Just stick them in the fridge or freezer, then once chilled, gently tap the package to loosen them up.  Also, please know that despite the picture shown, these are crumbs.  Some of the crumbles may contain small chunks of brittle, however please do not make this purchase based on that expectation.

Each package is 8 oz.

gluten free