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Our Story

Giving our Luscious Temptations Premium Brittles has been a holiday tradition, since our start in 1994.  Every year our kitchen turned into a miniature candy factory.  For years we were making brittles for our neighbors and friends, and pretty soon we were taking orders from our neighbors' friends and friends' friends, and thus, MRS. MASON'S CO. was born!

The "thank you" notes I received from these gifts were overwhelming and deeply inspiring! In addition to loving the candy, I was hearing stories of how my brittles were mending relationships between feuding in-laws, as well as those between clients and hairdressers. Neighbors were sharing it with one another and having real conversations for the first time. Spouses were playfully using it to seduce and guests were using it to thank hostesses. Teachers reported giving away all of their other gift candy and keeping the MRS. MASON'S for themselves.  Nieces had finally found the perfect gift for their uncles who had everything, and boyfriends found the perfect gift for their new partners.  Love!

Ingredients are what make our Luscious Temptations distinct.  Other brittles contain corn syrup and baking soda. Not ours!  We use pure cane sugar which requires slow cooking, giving our brittles a true, crisp texture.  MRS. MASON'S CO. is the first brittle maker known to include a variety of dried fruits in our recipes, making some brittles simultaneously crisp and chewy.

And then there's our exquisite packaging!  We believe our special brittles should be delivered in packages that are equally special!  Every beautiful box or bag has been packed and decorated by hand.  We want the love used to make the product, to transfer directly to you, for your full, loving enjoyment!

We hope you'll love our Luscious Temptations!  Give them away as an act of kindness. Share them generously. There's no need to hide them, we will make an abundant supply for you!  And, if you ever want to make the world a little sweeter, offer Luscious Temptations as a gift of peace!


(Mrs.) Margi Mason