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MRS. MASON'S CO. is a stand for love, kindness, generosity, abundance and peace.


Love is the most powerful force we know!  We love making our brittles for you!  We love packaging them in beautiful boxes, so you can love giving them to the people you love. It's all about love.


Kindness is concentrated.  One "drop" of kindness goes a long way!  A smile, a gesture, a kind word, a pat on the back...just a little bit of kindness can transform the world!


Generosity is like a boomerang, the more you give, the more you get.  Give of yourself generously. You'll be a bigger person and the rewards will come back to you ten fold.


Abundance comes from knowing there's always enough.  Just like lighting a candle with another lit candle, sharing will not take anything away from you.  There's always more of whatever you're looking for.


Peace allows us to celebrate our differences as well as our similarities.  Peace is the ultimate expression of cooperation and balance.  We all strive for peace.

Our promise to you is that all of these attributes will be demonstrated in every aspect of our business, from our relationships with our customers to suppliers and to our employees.
Thank you for your love, kindness, generosity, abundance and peace!