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Peanut Brittle Bonbons crunchy and smooth
Peanut Brittle Brittle Bonbons actually 5-pack
Peanut Brittle Brittle Bonbons actually 5-pack assorted
Peanut Brittle Brittle Bonbons 3-pack crunchy
Peanut Brittle Brittle Bonbons actually 5-pack smooth
Peanut Brittle Brittle Bonbons 3-pack smooth
Peanut Brittle Brittle Bonbons 3-pack assorted with two crunchy and one smooth
3-piece gold bonbon gift box

Peanut Brittle Bonbons

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 Peanut Brittle Bonbons

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Our delicious Peanut Brittle Bonbons are made from our own Mrs. Mason's Peanut Brittle.  We hand roll our bonbons, so there will be a few that are oddly shaped and we kind of love that! 

Peanut Brittle Bonbons come in two varieties:  Smooth and Crunchy.  For Smooth bonbons, we double dip the bonbons in white chocolate, for a nice, thick, chocolaty outer shell, finished with a dusting of crushed peanuts.

The Crunchy bonbons are dipped once in white chocolate, then rolled in crushed brittle and finished with a drizzle of white chocolate. The centers for both are crisp, light, and little crumbly.  For the brittle lovers in your life, who are afraid to eat brittle, even ours, they're the perfect solution.  For the true peanut lovers in your life, they'll go nuts over these!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)  Enjoy!

Note:  We have recently eliminated the "4 pack" of bonbons and have replaced it with our "5 pack" of bonbons.  The picture you see above has 4 bonbons, however the package you will receive will contain 5 bonbons.  A little more deliciousness!


Texture:          Crunchy outside, soft center

Allergens:       Dairy, peanuts, soy, sunflower lecithin, gluten free

Okay to:         Refrigerate and/or freeze

The 3-pack bonbon gift box will be shipped in our seasonal wrap.

This product contains nuts and/or nut extracts and is not recommended for anyone with a nut allergy.

All of our ingredients are obtained through sustainable sources.