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Assorted Trays by the Pound - Please read notes!

Assorted Trays by the Pound - Please read notes!

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All varieties are gluten-free!


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Our trays make a wonderful addition to any gathering!  Unless specified, we'll assume a full brittle assortment with some white chocolate brittles, some with dark chocolate, some with both white and dark chocolate, and some with no chocolate.

You can also specify "no nuts", or perhaps "white chocolate" only.  Whatever assortment or no assortment (meaning all one flavor), we'll do it for you!

All you have to do is indicate the size.  If you need a 3 pound tray, then your quantity in the cart would be "3".  Please read the notes below for further clarification.

A few guidelines for ordering a tray

#1.  What size do I need?  Generally, you want to allow for 1 to 1.5 oz. per person.  So for example, for 30 people that would be 45 ounces, or rounded up to 3 pounds (48 ounces) total.

#2.  What do the trays cost?  The trays are $25 per pound (net weight).  The tray in the photo above is approximately 3 pounds, and is on a platter that has a 13" diameter.  The price of the tray will increase, if the majority of the brittle specified is White Chocolate Macadamia.

#3.  Is there a minimum size?  Yes.  The minimum tray size is 2 pounds.

#4.  Is there a maximum size?  Not really, however if you need more than 10 pounds, we'll recommend that you break it into two trays.  For example, if you need 12 pounds, we'll recommend two six-pound trays.  It does not have to be this way, it's merely a recommendation.  A ten-pound tray requires a platter that has an 18" diameter, which is quite large, so size should be considered if you want a single tray weighing over 10 pounds.

#5.  How do I order it?  The "unit" price is showing as $25, representing $25 per pound.  The minimum tray size is two pounds.  Therefore, if you need a 5 pound tray, input a "quantity" of "5" on your Cart page, and the site will calculate the cost of a 5-pound tray for you. 

#6.  How is it packaged?  The trays will come on a round, square or rectangular platter.  The platter is then dressed with a paper doily and the candy is put on top of that.  The whole thing is then shrink wrapped, then decorated with our seasonal ribbon and ornamentation.

#7.  Do you ship these?  Yes. The cost for shipping would be additional and is based on weight and distance.

#8.  How do I specify certain varieties, if I don't want a general assortment?  You can either send us an email:  info@mrsmasons.com or on the Cart page, we'll ask you if you want to include a card with your order.  In this space (the "card"), you can say "All White Chocolate Macadamia"", or "No Nuts", or "White and Dark Chocolate" only.  Don't worry, we'll follow up with you, if we have any questions.