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Special Orders


Please know that the Special Order varieties and Custom Packages are not available during Wholesale Day.

Here's how this works.  When you purchase a Special Order variety, you'll be purchasing a full minimum batch.  Most minimum batches are approximately 1.5 to 1.75 pounds.

Pricing depends on how you want to receive the order.  All packaging and bulk options are $1.00 more per pound, (or $.50 per half pound, $.25 per quarter pound).  For example, if you want a 1 lb. gift box, you'll pay $33.95 for the boxed candy, then another $29.95 per pound (bulk price), for whatever candy is leftover in the batch (approximately .5 to .75 lbs.). You'll also receive the leftover crumble at no additional charge.

To place a Special Order, and since these varieties are not on the website, give us a call (248-660-0675) or send us an email (info@mrsmasons.com), so we can get you squared away.

Our Special Order varieties include:

Black Mac:  Our buttery base mixed with whole, roasted and salted macadamias, then topped with a thick layer of dark chocolate.  Sweet and salty! 

Toffee:  Our version of the traditional English candy with a twist.  We make our delicious Toffee with rich dark chocolate and crushed walnuts.

Butter Pecan:  We mix large roasted pecan halves into our rich brittle base, then we smother it with white chocolate.  This tastes just like Butter Pecan ice cream!  Yum!

Joe 'N' Hazel:  We added roasted and salted hazelnuts into our brittle base, then top it with a thick layer of dark chocolate, flavored with coffee.

Custom Varieties:  Do you have a combination that you'd like to try?  Let us know, and we'll make it for you!