Brittles ship within 48 hours! Bonbons ship in 72 hours! Orders of $75 or more will get FREE Shipping or FREE Local Delivery, not including The Wild Collection. Please see "Warm Weather Shipping" notes below.

Special Orders



Here's how this works.  When you purchase a Special Order variety, you'll be purchasing a full minimum batch.  Most minimum batches are approximately 3.5 to 4 pounds.  Pricing depends on how you want the candy packaged (or not).  

To place a Special Order, and since these varieties are not on the website, give us a call (248-660-0675) or send us an email (, so we can get you squared away.


Custom Varieties:  Do you have a combination that you'd like to try?  Let us know, we'll give you a quote, and we'll make it for you!