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true love brittle bonbons one single bonbon
true love brittle bonbons
true love brittle bonbons
true love brittle bonbons

True Love Brittle Bonbons

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 True Love Brittle Bonbons

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Our True Love Brittle Bonbons offer the same sweet and tart, and crunchy and chewy combinations, as our True Love Brittle.  True Love is made with plump dried cranberries, white chocolate and natural sliced almonds.  These bonbons have a wonderful crunchy/chewy center!  We think you may find a new True Love in your life with this little 3-bite wonder!


Texture:          Soft center

Allergens:       Dairy, almonds, cranberries, soy, sunflower lecithin, gluten free

Oaky to:         Refrigerate and/or freeze


The 3-pack bonbon gift box will be shipped in our seasonal wrap.

This product contains nuts and/or nut extracts and is not recommended for anyone with a nut allergy.

All of our ingredients are obtained through sustainable sources.