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the nut collection

The Nut Collection

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The Nut Collection

You love our Brittle Bonbons, but you only want the ones with nuts?  We've got you covered!  Our Brittle Bonbon Nut Collection includes:  (2) White Cherry Pistachio Brittle Bonbons (one dipped white, one dipped dark), (2) Bare-Naked Cashew Brittle Bonbons (one smooth, one crunchy), (2) Peanut Brittle Brittle Bonbons (one crunchy, one smooth), (2) Heart & Soul Brittle Bonbons (one dipped white, one dipped dark), (2) Coconut Pecan Brittle Bonbons, (1) Orang' You Sweet Brittle Bonbon, and (1) XOX Brittle Bonbon.  Twelve happy bonbons in a box!  Yum and yum!

Texture:          Various

Allergens:      Dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, sunflower lecithin, coconut, dried fruits

                      Gluten free

Okay to:         Refrigerate and/or freeze


This product contains nuts and/or nut extracts and is not recommended for anyone with a nut allergy.

All of our ingredients are obtained through sustainable sources.