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Rockhopper Penguin
Rockhopper Penguin with 5 oz. black ballotin box in Rockhopper Penguin wrap
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5 oz. black ballotin box with Rockhopper Penguin wrap

Rockhopper Penguin

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Rockhopper Penguin
Eudyptes chrysocome


Rockhopper Penguins have black and white feathers, with yellow feathers extending from their eyebrows backwards.  Rockhopper Penguins are the smallest of the six species of crested penguins.

Fun Facts:  The name Rockhopper comes from the bird's ability to jump off cliffs.  When on land, they tend to hop.  They can jump up to 6 feet.  The male can produce "penguin's milk" for their hatchlings, if the females do not return with food.

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