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Peacock with 5 oz. green ballotin box in Peacock wrap
Bare-Naked Cashew Brittle
Lemon Allure Brittle
Dark Coffee Brittle
Orang' You Sweet Brittle
Best Friends Brittle
Chocolate Covered Cherry Brittle
XOX Brittle
5 oz. dark green ballotin box in Peacock wrap


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The term "peacock" is commonly used to refer to birds of both sexes.  Technically, only males are peacocks.  Females are peahens, and together, they are called peafowl.  The long colorful feathers are part of the mating and courtship ritual for peacocks.  Peahens generally lay 3 - 5 eggs each season.

Fun Facts:  Peacocks can run up to 10 mph.  Males shed their long beautiful feathers after mating season in early Fall.  Peacocks live approximately 40 years.

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