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Mimic Poison Frog
Mimic Poison Frog with 5 oz. apple green ballotin box in Mimic Poison Frog wrap
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Chocolate Covered Cherry Brittle
XOX Brittle
Dark Coffee Brittle
Orang' You Sweet Brittle
Bare-Naked Cashew Brittle
5 oz. apple green ballotin box in Mimic Poison Frog wrap

Mimic Poison Frog

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Mimic Poison Frog
Ranitomeya imitator


Mimic Poison Frogs have vivid colorations and generally bold personalities.  These frogs are very mild in toxicity compared to other poison frogs, and get their name from the fact that their coloration mimics more toxic species.  These tiny amphibians grow to be about the size of a thumbnail.

Fun Facts:  Male Mimic Poison Frogs take care of the tadpoles.  Females will leave unfertilized eggs for the tadpoles to eat.

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