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Emperor Spotted Newt
Emperor Spotted Newt with 5 oz. black ballotin in Emperor Spotted Newt wrap
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Emperor Spotted Newt in 5 oz. black ballotin in Emperor Spotted Newt wrap

Emperor Spotted Newt

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Emperor Spotted Newt
Neurergus kaiseri


The smallest of their genus, Emperor Spotted Newts have a distinctive, bold look that varies based on the individual.  Their skin is a patchwork of black and white with a narrow, bright orange-red dorsal stripe.  The bellies and legs of these amphibians are often whitish or orange-red and may also have black patches.

Fun Facts:  In the wild, Emperor Spotted Newts are found in a very limited area of Iran.  This particular newt species uses powerful pheromones for mating.  The males will waft their pheromones toward the females with their tails in what looks like a dance.  The females will then chase after the males as if playing tag.

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