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Eland with 5 oz. copper ballotin in Eland wrap
5 oz. copper ballotin in Eland wrap


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Tragelaphus oryx


Male Elands are much larger than females.  Elands are a fawn color with white, vertical stripes on their bodies.  They turn bluish-gray with age and some even turn completely black.  Their horns turn in corkscrew patterns.  Hanging from their throats and necks are dewlaps, which are believed to help keep them cool in the heat.  Males have small patches of black hair on their dewlaps and on their foreheads.  Elands have short, erect manes and small tufts of hair on the tip of their tails that are usually black.

Fun Facts:  The Eland is both the largest and slowest antelope in the world.  The Eland is able to jump 8 feet from a standstill.  The Eland will use its long horns to bring food on branches and twigs within reach.

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