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Chinese Alligator
Chinese Alligator with 5 oz. gold ballotin box in Chinese Alligator wrap
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5 oz. gold ballotin box in Chinese Alligator wrap

Chinese Alligator

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Chinese Alligator
Alligator sinensis


Chinese Alligators are dark green to yellowish gray with black spotting on their lower jaws.  They are much smaller than their American counterpart, with slightly upturned and more tapered snouts as well as bony plates on their upper eyelids.  Their long, thick tail is their primary source of force while moving through the water.  The Chinese Alligators also have bony plates, or osteoderms, covering their backs and undersides of their bodies to act as armor.  Juveniles appear very similar to adults, but have distinctive yellow bands on their bodies which fade as they mature.

Fun Facts:  Some writers believe that the mythical Chinese dragons were, in reality, the Chinese Alligators.

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