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Chimpanzee with 5 oz. dark brown ballotin box in Chimpanzee wrap
Best Friends Brittle
Chocolate Covered Cherry Brittle
XOX Brittle
Dark Coffee Brittle
Orang' You Sweet Brittle
Bare-Naked Cashew Brittle
5 oz. dark brown ballotin box with Chimpanzee wrap


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Pan troglodytes


Chimpanzees have long black or brown hair covering their bodies, but have no hair on their faces, ears, hands or feet.  They have pink skin at birth but as they grow, the skin turns black.  Chimpanzees have fingernails, toenails and opposable thumbs, just like humans.  Their small faces have defined brows, small nostrils and small muzzles.

Fun Facts:  Chimpanzees share more than 98% of the same genetic material with humans, making them our closest living relatives.  Chimpanzees are among few animal species that make and use tools.  Examples include using sticks to catch insects and stones to crack open nuts.  Chimpanzees live in large groups called troops.

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