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African Spurred Tortoise
African Spurred tortoise with 5 oz. gold ballotin box
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African Spurred Tortoise 5 oz. gold ballotin box

African Spurred Tortoise

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African Spurred Tortoise
Centrochelys sulcata


African Spurred Tortoises are well camouflaged by their overall sandy coloration.  They have thick golden to yellow-brown skin and brownish carapaces.  The broad, oval carapaces display prominent serrations at the front and back margins, and noticeable growth rings on each scute, which become marked with age.  Large overlapping scales cover the front surface of the forelimbs, while the hind surface of the thigh bears two or three large conical spurs, from which they earn their name.

Fun Facts:  African Spurred Tortoises are the largest tortoise of the African mainland.

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