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African Lion
African Lion with 5 oz. gold ballotin box and wrap
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African Lion 5 oz. ballotin

African Lion

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African Lion
Panthera leo


African Lions are tan with white spots on their muzzles and above their eyes.  Males have large brown or black manes that frames their faces.  Both males and females have tufts of dark brown or black hair at the end of their tails.  Large teeth and claws help lions catch food and fight off intruders.

Fun Facts:  The Lion has a ferocious demeanor and reputation but is actually one of the most social of all cats.  They often live in groups, called prides, of 15 or more individuals.  A Lion's roar can be heard five miles away.  A Lion can sleep up to 20 hours a day, so it is only awake for about three years of its life.

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