Brittles ship within 48 hours! Bonbons ship in 72 hours! Orders of $75 or more will get FREE Shipping or FREE Local Delivery, not including The Wild Collection. Please see "Warm Weather Shipping" notes below.

Warm Weather Shipping

Dear Customers:

With the warmer weather upon us, we have to be mindful of how we ship.  If you are in a climate of 80 degrees or higher, we recommend you use expedited or overnight shipping.  

With expedited or overnight shipping, we will include cold packs and make every reasonable attempt to protect the product.  However, the shipping carriers (UPS, USPS) will no longer guarantee delivery overnight, which presents some challenges.  Even if we do our job, we're still at the mercy of the carriers.

Also, Mrs. Mason's will no longer ship on Fridays to ensure the products do not sit on a hot truck over the weekend.  The only exception to this is if the shipment is local or marked as "1 Day", then we'll send it out on a Friday.

Quick note:  Most shipments to Michigan's lower peninsula and to Ohio are one day.  Most, not all.

So, please know, if you choose to ship into a warmer climate without using expedited shipping, you are accepting the risk of receiving a melted or partially melted product.

Thanks very much,

Mrs. Mason's Co.