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Love Letters


Here are some excerpts from the Love Letters we've received!

Todd Johnson
MRS MASON'S!!! BY FAR THE BEST CANDY AND CHOCOLATES I EVER HAD. Used to work at Godiva and although they're good candies, they just don't compare to Mrs. Mason's!
Duana B Bonner-Whatley
I just want to say that my best friend introduced me to mrs. Mason's brittle and it was in this cute little gold box that was just so beautiful and when I tasted it you know I was expecting something hard that was going to hurt my teeth and it was so soft and chewy and so fresh and just so delicious and it's like orgasm in your mouth I can't tell you how delicious this brittle is I lay in my bed and I eat this while I'm watching TV and I think about good things and I've been getting it from my friend but lately she's made me make my own purchases so I am going to continue to be a fan and I am going to get me some more continuously throughout the years I love this brutal and I suggest you try it as well 😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏10stars hands down


"This yummy brittle has stood the test of has moved homes with me.  I was so saddened when you "retired" and I'm so excited you're back!  Congratulations!  I think this is True many ways LOL!

- Patti J, Rockford, MI

(A quick note.  Patti told us she has kept the same of bag of True Love in her freezer, eating only small pieces at a time, for the last 14 years!!!  Patti, you're amazing and a true Brittle Lover!  Thank you!)

"Fantastic!  Amazing!  Inspiring!  Delicious!  So perfect!  Chewy and crunchy at the same time.  Love the textures, the combination of nuts and cranberries, and the white chocolate on top.  Wow!  And so beautifully packaged.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful and elegant treat!"

- Becky P, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Your brittles are something I can recommend with complete confidence.  Every bite is absolutely delicious and amazing.  There's nothing like it...nothing!"

- Nick B, Macomb, MI 

"I'm so happy that you are back in business!  You have an excellent product -- the best!  Thank you!"

- Judy K

"I address this letter to you, Mrs. Mason, because there MUST be a real person behind the outstanding confections that are appearing under your name.  No corporate production line could produce such Luscious Temptations.  I'm old enough to remember the launch of Godiva Chocolates, a candy we all thought was the best in the world.  Wrong! Congratulations on producing a truly mouthwatering candy.  It is actually so good that even my conscience is silenced.  PS.  Your packaging is beautiful, too!"

-  Sincerely, Anne D, Bethlehem, PA


"My sister got me a small box of your candy.  Gawd is it ever heavenly!  Yum Yum."

- Sincerely, Victoria W, Ellsworth, MI


"I received a basket full of your products - Chocolate Covered Cherry, Bare-Naked Cashew and Very Fancy Crumble, among other items.  They were all wonderful"

- Margaret G, Coeur d'Alene, ID


"We plan and execute elaborate party designs for the exclusive, high-end market.  I've been ordering MRS. MASON'S brittles for almost 20 years, per the demand of my clients. Now, I wouldn't do a party without them!"

- Dee Dee Hoffman,  Dee Dee Hoffman Party Design, West Bloomfield, MI


"If God made brittle, Mrs. Mason would still get the Blue Ribbon!  Truly unparalleled. Here's to THE WORLD'S FINEST!

- David Oscarson, Wildwood, MO 


"At Christmas I received a box of your delicious and unique True Love cranberry brittle.  It was absolutely delicious!"

-  Gayl R, Kansas City, MO


"In June I received a gift box of your White Chocolate Macadamia Brittle, and it certainly was a luscious temptation!"

-  Margaret K, Hersey, MI


"We love your candy!  Send more!"

- Judy W, Kalamazoo, MI

"Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating a few pieces of your fabulous brittle.  It is the best candy I've had since eating "English Toffee" straight from London, England."

-  Judy B, Columbus, OH

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I opened my e-mail today and saw a message from Mrs. Mason's Candy.  I ordered many times from you back in the early 2000's - then you promptly disappeared.  I searched and searched for any information I could find about where you might have gone, but to no avail.  I honestly believe you make the most delicious candy I have ever tasted, and the packaging is beyond elegant.  It makes me so proud to give your candy as a gift.  Congratulations on being willing to offer your goodies once again, and I hope you NEVER go away again.

Thank you from one of your most devoted fans!

Jean W, Centerville, OH