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Careers & Employment

Working at Mrs. Mason's Co.

Careers & Employment

When Mrs. Mason's is hiring, we generally advertise the open positions on Indeed, so check there periodically to see if there are any job postings.  First, there are a few things you should know about working at Mrs. Mason's:

1.  Please do not apply if you are allergic to nuts.  This is a legal exclusion for your protection and is not intended to be discriminatory.

2.  Please do not apply if you are chronically late.  Mrs. Mason's "doesn't do late".

3.  Please do not apply for any kitchen positions, if you are shorter than 5'4".  The reason is that you'll be required to stir pots occasionally, and your face will be too close to the pots.  The steam coming from the pots may burn you.

4.  Please do not apply if you cannot lift 50 pounds.  Our bags of sugar and most of our ingredients come in 50 pound bags/cases.  You'll have to be able to lift these and move them around from time-to-time.

5.  Please do not apply if you don't want to work.  We're a very small, yet very productive, high-level, high-accountability team, and you'd be hired as a working member of that team.

6.  Please do not apply if you are not a thinking person.  This is not a position where you can mentally "check out", even though much of what we do is repetitive.  There will be times when you may be making some "common sense" decisions, and we need to know that you come with some common sense.

7.  Please apply if you can work cooperatively with a team.

8.  Please apply if you can follow specific directions.

9.  Please apply if you've had lots of different jobs.  That makes you interesting.

10. We generally hire to fill seasonal part-time and seasonal full-time positions.

11. The positions at Mrs. Mason's are few, so we are only looking for exceptional people.  If you're a good fit, we think you'll love working here!

12. If the sales volume allows, we may be able to hire you on a more full-time basis.  Going in, however, plan on part-time.

Good luck!