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Red Panda
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Red Panda with 5 oz. black ballotin box in Red Panda wrap
5 oz. black ballotin box in red panda wrap

Red Panda

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Red Panda
Ailurus fulgens fulgens


As their name suggests, Red Pandas' fur is mostly rusty-red color.  They have white markings on their ears, cheeks, muzzles and above their eyes.  Their bushy tails are ringed with light and dark variations of the rusty-red color.  Their fur also covers the soles of their feet to help give them traction and prevent them from falling off slippery, wet branches.

Fun Facts:  Red Pandas have extended wrist bones that act like thumbs and allow them to easily hold onto bamboo.  In the past, red pandas have been classified as a relative to the raccoon and the giant panda.  Now, they are listed as their own scientific family - the Ailuridae.

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