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Polar Bear
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Polar Bear with 5 oz. ivory ballotin box in Polar Bear wrap
5 oz. ivory ballotin box with Polar Bear wrap

Polar Bear

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Polar Bear
Ursus maritimum


Polar Bears have dense, thick undercoats protected by outer coats of long, transparent fur.  The sun's reflection from the dark skin through the transparent fur gives the illusion of a white coat.  Their waterproof fur will stick together when wet and act as an insulator.

Fun Facts:  Because it receives liquids from the prey it eats, the Polar Bear does not have to drink water.  The Polar Bear is a marine mammal and the most carnivorous member of the bear family since its diet heavily relies on seals.  A Polar Bear's blubber helps it float in water and also acts as a nutritional reserve, allowing the bear to go months without eating.  The Polar Bear has the richest milk of any bear species; it contains 35% fat.

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