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Mexican Giant Tree Frog
Mexican Giant Tree Frog with 5 oz. ivory ballotin box in Mexican Giant Tree Frog wrap
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Chocolate Covered Cherry Brittle
XOX Brittle
Dark Coffee Brittle
Orang' You Sweet Brittle
Bare-Naked Cashew Brittle
5 oz. ivory ballotin box with Mexican Giant Tree Frog wrap

Mexican Giant Tree Frog

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Mexican Giant Tree Frog
Agalychnis dacnicolor


Mexican Giant Tree Frogs are round with long arms and legs and stout bodies.  Their eyes are gold and black.  These frogs are able to camouflage themselves by changing color from brown to green.  They have cream undersides and usually have small gold or orange spots on their backs.

Fun Facts:  These frogs have muscular forearms to help them climb trees.  They are often referred to as "waxy tree frogs" because special glands in their skin produces a wax that keeps it from drying out.

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