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Poison Dart Frog

The Wild Collection

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Mrs. Mason's Co. is honored to be partnering with the Detroit Zoological Society to create awareness over the state of our wildlife.  Inspired by the majesty of the Zoo's collection, Mrs. Mason's Co. is offering exquisite box designs, intended to represent the animals, as they appear in the given photographs.  The designs may or may not be true to the animals' color. 

Each box contains 5 oz. of your choice of our premium brittle, which is accompanied by a glossy postcard with a full description of the animal.   We are offering six of our brittle varieties, so be sure to use the drop down arrow to select the brittle of your choice.

On a personal note, working with the Detroit Zoo has been a profound experience.  As a result, we've made some changes internally to ensure that all of our ingredients come from sustainable sources.  Designing the boxes was clearly a demonstration of Art imitating Life.  And,...I finally learned the correct spelling of "rhinoceros"!

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Also, consider our Wild Collection for your next special event.  The Polar Bear box, for example, would be beautiful for a wedding.  The Chilean Flamingo boxes would be wonderful for a baby shower or perhaps, a bat mitzvah.  If you have an event, we can make a box for you, and raise money for the Zoo, while we're at it.  Win-win!

Have fun perusing the gallery to find your favorites!  Over time, we will be rotating the animals offered, so be sure to check in often.

We hope you'll participate in this campaign.  A little more than 27% of your purchase will be donated directly to the Zoo

With love, kindness, generosity, abundance and peace,

And my sincere thanks,

(Mrs.) Margi Mason

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